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Each jurisdiction in Mesa, AZ which handles civil procedures has its own set of rules regarding legal process service. As in most states, they are complicated and not easy to understand. United Process Service in Mesa, AZ makes it easier for you to stay within the law and successfully serve your papers without having to know every complicated law out there. As a legal process service, it is our job to get it right the first time.

When you begin your legal process service, you might ask yourself who should be served. This will depend on who you are suing. You must follow some simple rules, although every one of them could have exceptions. To ensure that you have followed the law, hire a legal process service. When thinking about who you are serving, consider these suggestions:

• Individual—When starting a lawsuit against an individual, serve that individual.
• Unincorporated Business—When the lawsuit is against an unincorporated business, serve the sole proprietor or general partners.
• Corporation or LLC—When the lawsuit is against a corporation or LLC, serve the person designated to accept legal service on behalf of the business.
• Local Government Agency—When the lawsuit is against a local government agency, serve the clerk or secretary of the agency.
• State Agency—When the lawsuit is against a state agency, serve the Attorney General’s office.
• Attorney Representing Respondent—If the party you are suing retains an attorney, serve the attorney, rather than the party.

The courts expect both parties to know the laws involved in the case. Judges accept no excuses in their courtrooms. If the parties do not know all the laws, it is in their best interest to hire professionals that do. We have years of experience as a legal process service. We are known to be the best divorce paper server and highly experienced in subpoena serving.

Trust United Process Service in Mesa, AZ to find your party and deliver the documents properly.

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